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Q & A

Thomas Bellec


Thomas Bellec is the executive chef at Four Seasons Resort Hualalai. Local and seasonal ingredients are the cornerstone for the restaurants and dining experiences at Four Seasons Resort Hualalai. The Resort sources 75 percent of its ingredients from Hawai’i Island, and even hosts an oyster farm on-site where two types of oysters are grown and harvested. Raised in coastal Concarneau in Brittany, France, Bellec was inspired to cook by his grandparents, who ran a renowned bakery in Brittany. Trained in the classical tradition at a Michelin one-star in his hometown, he worked at a few addresses before joining Four Seasons as Chef de Cuisine in Toronto.

What's the first dish you remember cooking?

I remember cooking some grilled sardines with my Dad on a BBQ and eating them with some roasted garlic new potatoes.


What Prep To You Hate To Do? Love To Do?

I hate turning artichokes but love turning carrots.

What food is your guilty pleasure?

A fresh baguette, cheese, and butter...I can't live without them.

If You Weren’t A Chef What Occupation Would You Like To Try And Why?

I would love to be a professional landscape photographer. I love nature and photography really helps calm me down.


What Or Who Inspires Your Culinary Creativity And Why?

The best and freshest produces inspire me. I love going to the farmers markets around the world and exploring the local delicacies. I will not be here today at this stage in my career if it wasn’t for my first Chef at the Michelin star resturant Le Galion in my home town of Concarneau. He taught me to respect the produces and how to exercise extreme precision to excel in our craft.

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