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Q & A

Chris Hastings


Chris Hastings is chef of the nationally celebrated Hot and Hot Fish Club in Birmingham, Alabama, which he owns with his wife Idie. Located in a historic building on the city’s Southside, the award‐winning restaurant has earned a reputation for serving some of the finest and freshest dishes in the region. Then Hastings looked at what they had built and saw consulting as an opportunity to help other chefs, restaurateurs, and real estate development companies create successful food service operations that benefit their surrounding communities.

What's the first dish you remember cooking?

My dad’s grilled chicken is something I still make for my family. It is requested by my children. The key to the recipe is to really char the outside of the chicken. The cooked skin should be very dark brown and almost black in color. The butter in the marinade will caramelize and brown on the chicken when grilled.

What Prep To You Hate To Do? Love To Do?

The monotony of fine dice mirepoix.

What food is your guilty pleasure?

Fish Butchery, could do this all day.

If You Weren’t A Chef What Occupation Would You Like To Try And Why?

I would like to be a Forester because I enjoy the outdoors so much and have such respect for Mother Nature.

What Or Who Inspires Your Culinary Creativity And Why?

My mother and Bradley Ogden inspired my culinary creativity. My mom had a passion for food and gathering people at the table. Bradley taught me about understanding flavors, techniques, and establishing my own palate. The common thread between the two is their seasonality of cooking.

"I have never travelled to Hawaii or spent much time around Polynesian ingredients and Asian-influenced flavors."

"I am looking forward to understanding more about the taste profiles of the cuisine of Hawaii and incorporating them into a culinary weekend with other like-minded chefs and interacting with the guests."

"I am super excited to be working with such distinctive local ingredients."

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